Working with us is really easy. We do most of the leg work, following this process.

1. You complete a form, which tells us you are interested in working with Greenskape

2. Your form arrives in our inbox and one of our advisors will review it and give you a call within a few hours

3. An advisor will visit to discuss you needs and see if we can help your group

4. We visit your site(s) and do a full survey of your requirements. At this point we will need your timetable so we can create a proposal.

5. Your proposal will be created, including a schedule of works*, and all risk assessments. This will fit around your timetable.
*A fancy way of say what we’ll do and when we’ll do it.

6. Once your happy with the proposal, we both sign a contract. If anything needs to change after this is signed, that’s no challenge. One off visits for specific issues are also totally fine and are priced per job.

7. Work begins according to the schedule. Often our first visit is more extensive but we will be in the swing quickly.
After each visit you get a report documenting everything which was completed.

8. Once a year we do a full site audit to ensure we are covering your needs and ensure your contract can renew smoothly.

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