Grounds maintenance for schools, colleges and universities

Grounds Maintenance

You care for your pupils, we’ll care for your grounds, all year round.

Once you hand over your grounds for us to look after, we set up a clear schedule of works for each season. Our team then carry out the works, using some of the latest equipment to sweep, trim, clip and mow safely and carefully, to make your grounds look the best they can.

Outside Cleaning

Keep the outside of your school buildings as clean as the inside, with one simple contract. Your windows will never have looked cleaner after they’re polished by our state of the art Purewater system. Ensure rainwater goes where it should by making sure your gutters are kept clear. Our Guttervac system sucks up any debris which has built up, keeping your water running smoothly.

Tree Surgery

When cared for properly, trees look spectacular, clean our air, and will outlive us all. With properly trained arborists on our team, you can be sure that your trees are carefully inspected and then maintained to ensure they look great and remain safe for your staff and students.

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